Article Summary


To increase your exposure to and comfortability with APA format, psychological research, and scientific writing, you will complete three article summaries over the semester. Your summary should provide a thorough examination of the purpose of the study, the research question(s), methodology, results, and conclusion. You should also provide a brief critical evaluation of the paper and your reflections on the article. This assignment is worth 25 points and is due on October 23rd  Please refer to the resources provided in Canvas for example summaries and tips for reading journal articles. Please use the template provided in Canvas, which includes the correct APA formatting for the references. Please include the citation in APA format. The summaries should be in your own words. Absolutely no quotes should be used. Remember, this is a summary; you should not be providing a lot of detail but rather synthesizing what the authors did. Please include the following sections in your assignment and make sure to fully address each point: Summary of the Article  Summarize the author(s)’ purpose and hypotheses for the study. Why is this an interesting or worthwhile topic/phenomenon to research? What is already known about this topic/phenomenon? Where are the gaps in contemporary knowledge or understanding of this topic/phenomenon? What methodology was used? Describe the sample of participants in the study (number, age, gender, race, etc). Describe the measures/materials used and the how the study was conducted. Describe the results/findings of the study. What are the implications of the results? Critique Is the method employed a valid test of the predictions or hypotheses? Has the researcher overlooked any possible confounds or extraneous variables which could affect interpretations of the findings? Was the sample appropriately diverse? Is the research design appropriately inclusive and/or sensitive to the cultural context? Is the method of sample selection described one that is likely to result in a representative, unbiased sample? Are there ways of interpreting the results that haven’t been considered? How generalizable are the findings? What limitations did the authors state?  What are the additional limitations that the authors did not acknowledge? What future research directions did the authors outline?  Discuss additional future research directions that you see. What do you suggest to improve this research? Can you identify additional implications of the results that were not discussed in the article?    Personal Reflections What are your overall impressions of the study? How can the findings or implications be applicable to your life? Did this study make you curious about other ideas or topics?

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Article Summary
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