Article on Healthcare Data Breach


Each of you should post a short description or summary (no more than 2 paragraphs) of an article that describes a recent healthcare data breach (e.g. within the past year). Please use an article from an authoritative source. This can be a journal article, quality news website, health web resource, video, etc. “Random person’s” blog or Twitter feed doesn’t count. Some things that you should address in your post: Describe the breach (attack) and which organizations were involved. What type of health related data was exposed? What types of risk management techniques were used? Did the healthcare organization change any of their security policies in response to the attack? If so please describe? Here is some guidance for the format: Title of the article, work, site, etc.: Readers should be able to easily determine the source your are critiquing, so do this right up front. Also, provide the working URL to the article. If I cannot access your article, I cannot grade your assignment. Summary: See instructions above. Please proofread your post for grammar, sentence structure (avoid run on sentences), and spelling. Citations/References: Don’t worry about including a full MLA or APA citation for this assignment. However, if you decide to include a quote (or any word for word phrases) you should follow MLA or APA in-text citation procedures and provide a full reference at the bottom of the post.

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Article on Healthcare Data Breach
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