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Read and write the critique on (Current and Future Particulate-Matter-Related MortalityRisks in the United States from Aviation Emissions DuringLanding and Takeoff)
Read your article closely!
We went over how to write an article critique in class by orally writing one for the Christie et al. (2016) article. You do not need sources other than the article you are critiquing. You should cite the article you choose. If you use a direct quotation, then you will need the author(s), year, and page number, for example (Christie, et al., 2016, p. 242).
Be sure to read through your article multiple times and look up any terms that you do not understand. As you write the critique, use the rubric as a guide. You can have a section header for each section of the rubric. The first three sections are essentially your summary of what is in the article, and the final section is your critique (i.e., critical evaluation of the article- both the research and the writing).
After you finish your first draft, read through it once to edit (e.g., check grammar), and then read through one last time using the rubric to grade. If you are missing something, then you can add it into the appropriate section.
How long should this be? Quality is always preferred over quantity; be sure to use the rubric to check that you have responded to everything. An article can be critiqued well in 4-6pages.

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Article Critique | Excelling Homework
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