Article Critique Assignment


1. Read:  Stinson, P.W., Todak, N.E., & Dodge, M. (2015). An exploration of crime by policewomen. Police Practice and Research, 16(1), 79–93.   2.  Write a critique of this article that used the following format and addresses the following questions/areas:   ·      Format: Critique should be 3-5 pages.  Use Times new Roman 12 font, 1 inch margins. Must be spell checked.   ·      Summarize the article:  At a minimum the summary must contain the topic or research question; the sample and sample size; the findings. ·      Critique questions (do not just indicate YES or NO, explain your response):  1. Was the rationale (purpose) of the study adequately explained? How so? 2. Is the research question important? Why? 3. Were the variables clearly defined and do the operational definitions correspond to what the researchers intended to measure? Explain. 4. Was the sample adequate and representative? How so? 5. Was the design of the study well thought out and could anything have affected the internal validity of the study? Explain. 6. Do the conclusions follow from the results? If not, where did they go astray? 7. Are the conclusions generalizable to other settings/populations (i.e., is there external validity)? If no, why?  If yes, which settings/population? 8. Could there be other possible explanations for the obtained results? Explain. 9. What could have been done differently? (for each flaw that you identify) 10. What could be done to continue this line of research (i.e., next steps/future research, based on the results/conclusions from this study)?

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Article Critique Assignment
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