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Step 1 Select a piece of art from any “seasoned” (ie, they’re experienced and know what they’re doing!) artist (living or dead). This selection can be made from Art Gallery, individual artist, or Art Museum websites, or various publications.   Step 2 Collect data concerning both a Formal (the Elements and Principles of Design) and a Contextual Analysis. Cite your 2 to 3 sources on the second to the last page of your paper.   Step 3 Writing your paper Title Page: at the top (right or left), include your name and title of this course. In the middle, state the title of the art piece, media, the year the piece was created, the artist, and artist’s country of origin.   Body: Introduction (first paragraph): state why you chose the piece of art, why you like it, etc. This is your thesis statement and should close your intro paragraph. Continue with a Denotation of the work (describe what you see). Then proceed to a Formal Analysis that highlights any Formal Elements and Principles of Design, and their inter-relationship, which apply to that particular work. This should comprise at least a half page. Continue with the Contextual Analysis (any pertinent historical, social, religious, etc. information). And close with a Connotation derived from your research or, if such is not available, your own creative interpretation.   Bibliography or Works Cited: list your resources on a separate page.   Step 4 Include a jpeg image of the artwork on the last separate page   Other Information Format: 12 pt, double spaced, Word Doc (ONLY!), 5-7 total pages (1. Title Page, 2. Body (2-4 pages), 3. Works Cited, 4. Jpeg image) Formal Analysis I. The Formal Elements 1. Line 2. Shape OR Form 3. Value (contrast of Light to Dark) 4. Color (What kind of color scheme is being used? Monochromatic? Complimentary?) 5. Texture (Is there any physical texture to the work or is it visual?) 6. Space (What kind of perspective is being used? One Point, Two Point Perspective, Atmospheric or Aerial Perspective?) 7. Time and Motion (Does the work have any sense of time passing or tell a narrative? Or, if 3D, is it kenetic?) II. Principles of Design 1. Variety 2. Unity 3. Repetition 4. Balance (Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial Balance?) 5. Proportion OR Scale 6. Movement 7. Emphasis (Subordinate focal point?) III. Content and Subject Matter 1. Subject Matter (What is in the piece?) 2. Content (What is the work about, also related to message and meaning?) 3. Connotation (What is the message or deeper meaning of the piece? Note: Nonobjective art may not have a connotation). IV. Context Considerations: 1. Geographical (Does the place where the work was made have any significance?) 2. Historical (Reference to history or is there any history to the piece you’re writing on?) 3. Cultural (Is there any cultural references?) 4. Patronage  (Did someone support this artist to create the work?)

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