art of short film


The Paper: 1200 or more words. Double-spaced hard copy, typed, 12-point font, with a title page, an emailed PDF with use CMS or MLA style to cite references and URLs. Papers will be checked for cut-and-paste plagiarism. Early hand-ins welcome. No late papers, no excuses. Please try to HAVE AT LEAST ONE REFERENCE THAT IS A BOOK!! Choose ONE of the following topics below: 1. EDITING
 Discuss how editing evolved from the first films from the Lumiere Brothers, to Georges Melies, to Battleship Potemkin, to a modern day film of your choosing.
 How did this event affect the filmmakers that came out of this environment? Often war, when depicted in film, is seen from the soldier’s perspective. In this film we see how two children are affected by war. Expand on this? Did this help you get a perspective of how the everyday person is affected by the revolution? Use examples from either “Bread and Alley”, “Children of Heaven” or “Persepolis”.

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art of short film
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