argument essay electric gas car, employ logical, ethical and emotional appeals


Assignments:   1. Argument Essay – Rough Draft – Criteria   Compose a 6 to 8 page essay that responds to a topic of your choice and has been approved by your instructor. This is a project that will evolve over time so be certain that you have spent time on it, which means thinking in depth about the issue you have chosen.  If you have chosen a broad topic, be sure that your have sufficiently narrowed your focus.  It is best to choose a topic that you either have some personal investment in or that you are extremely interested in exploring. Also, you may look to your journals as material. You must choose an argument that is feasible and must be supported by examples from the National University database.  Please do not repeat topics that you have previously written about in English 100 or 101.   Please provide the following for your Argument Essay, which is mandatory. I have attached a variety of links from 100 that we have discussed in class that will help to guide you as reference material in your assignment   Use the handout template from They Say/ I Say on page 11 to organize your  introduction and thesis statement.   Use the organizational guide from Chapter 17 in Everything’s an Argument to assist with argumentative structure. Note how the 2 author examples at the end of the chapter structure their arguments   In your essay, also please employ logical, ethical and emotional appeals as examples that have been discussed in class and read about in EAA Chapters 2, 3, & 4.                                                                                                                            Additionally, use MLA formatting that includes Title, Introduction, Thesis, Body Paragraphs that include 3-4 examples, and a conclusion. See Seagull (p. 161-169).   Use a variety of transitions. See Seagull (p.26-28).   Use strong, active verbs to introduce quotations and paraphrasing from They Say/I Say (p.40 – 41).   Be sure to introduce your quotes, provide your quotes, and analyze your quotes. Here is the link from They Say/I Say regarding Quotation Sandwich, as indicated in They Say/ I Say.   Include a Works Cited Page See Seagull (p.129-160). Your quotes must originate from sources via the National University database.  Refer to the material in our mini syllabus for each class that provides information from National University Library Resource Center regarding how to access and use the database.   Remember that your analysis is to be 85% of the essay with your quotations that function as support for your original ideas comprising the remainder of the essay.  Essays that are overwhelmed with source and informational material will not be accepted.  See Seagull In-Text Citations (p.122 – 129).  Essays that I have not seen a rough draft version of will not be accepted on the last day of class.

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argument essay electric gas car, employ logical, ethical and emotional appeals
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