Are We in a Race Against the Machine?

Paper instructions

Please read the instructions very carefully and make sure you get everything right. No plagiarism my professor is very strict. I sent you 2 sample papers that you can use as a guide. For the title please pick whatever title that best fits. You have to use at least one of the sources I sent you it’s the NC Live database source. I need the essay to be 4 pages and after you’re done with that under the works cited in the next page I need a separate one-page summary of oppositional view. 4 pages for Essay and 1 separate page for oppositional view. Also, I sent you examples/instructions on how to do the citations. Let me know if you need anything else.

Comments from Customer

You can use more than 5 sources if you have to or want to. You can use as many sources as you want as long as it’s more than 5.

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Are We in a Race Against the Machine?
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