Are Neanderthals Early Humans


*1700 words ( minimum) in very simple words.   *Harvard reference system.   *Some idea about Neandertals- *All written work must be typed and single-spaced. A convincing argument is one derived from fact, and not opinion, and is presented in a scholarly fashion. It is logical, coherent, and supported by scientific research. Do not write sweeping generalities that assume unproven facts.   *Make sure that your paper is well organized, composed of at least four main sections.   Introduction- : The paper must have an introduction with a thesis sentence describing the paper’s main argument or outlining the structure of the paper and subjects to be discussed. Remember this is a research paper,  so you should have a central question or hypothesis that focuses your paper.   Body: The paper must contain a body where you explore the issue, define terms, and introduce and discuss research on the topic. The body should be subdivided using subheadings in a logical manner. Use subheadings that reflect the different focal points of you argument, such as linguistics, stone tools, DNA, ethnicity etc. These will vary with your paper topic.   Conclusion: The paper must have a conclusion summarizing the major points addressed in the body and a presentation of your final analysis and conclusion.   References Cited: Place all the material referred to (not just consulted) in your paper at the end of the text following the conventions listed below (for detail see “References Cited” below).   *Citing a specific piece of information should have the last name of the author(s), date of publication and page number. For example: – Evidence from La Ferrassie France suggests that Neanderthals buried their dead in a ritual manner (Shreeve 1996, p. 137)   *When using direct quotes, a page number is required: Mead (1930, p. 243) held that “the identification with living people is a way of preserving the strong points in a culture” (cf. Isbell, 2000).

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Are Neanderthals Early Humans
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