Antipyschotic Side Effects Assignment | Online Assignment

As effective as antipsychotic medications can be, they can also have serious side effects. In this discussion, you will identify potential side effects associated with antipsychotic medications (both first and second generation antipsychotics).
Based on the first initial of your last name, address the following in your initial post:
A–H: Identify the potential metabolic impact that antipsychotic medications can have (I.e. on labs such as lipid panel, Hgb A1C, fasting glucose, weight/BMI/waist circumference, and so on). What difference (if any) do atypical antipsychotics versus first generation antipsychotics have on these potential side effects? Give two examples of medications that are highly likely to have this side effect profile and two medications that are less likely to impact this side effect profile. What data should be evaluated prior to starting an antipsychotic and monitored on an ongoing basis (such as labs, vital signs, height/weight/BMI/waist circumference, and so on). How frequently should these be monitored? What should you do if a patient displays these side effects or what strategies are available to manage these side effects? Include a clinical practice guideline to support your rationale for the frequency of monitoring these parameters.

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Antipyschotic Side Effects Assignment | Online Assignment
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