Answer the Provided Questions Only


Quotes used should be brief;entire paper should use MLA. #6: explicate A Valediction Forbidding Mourning by Adrienne Rich. Be sure you provide an introduction that gives the name of the poem and poet and introduces what you believe to be the message of the poem. Then, using illustrations from the poem, follow through stanza by stanza, to illustrate how and why this is the poem’s message. #7: Barn Burning 1. Define the CONFLICTS in the story—what conflicts does Sarty have and what conflicts do the women have, and what conflicts does Abner have? Use exact illustrations from the story. 2. Is Sarty a hero or a traitor? Define your terms. Explain by using your analytical skills based on the story and moral codes. 3. What will happen to Sarty. Look especially at the end of the story. Speculate! #8: Neighbor Rosicky 1. Who is Rosicky? Using illustrations from the story, examine and express your description of this man. 2. What is your response to this story? Be sure to support why you say what you do? #9: Yellow Wallpaper 1. Look up irony and see the definitions. 2. Evaluate how well the story illustrates the irony of women and the male doctors. 3. Do disconnects still exists? Why or why not? #10: Winter Dreams 1. What are his dreams? 2. Comment on how the story ends. I want you to relate to his dreams and his story and how his dreams died. 3. Compare and contrast with Rosicky’s story. Sources:,%20Willa.%20Neighbour%20Rosicky..pdf

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Answer the Provided Questions Only
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