Answer the following questions by viewing the video and skimming through the text book

This is the assignment:
This assignment will require you to analyze the role advertisement plays in “GENDER CONSTRUCTION” and stereotypes in contemporary American society. You will write a two-page essay were you are engaged in a discussion with Chapter 9 and the videos “Born Between,” “Photo Shopped” and your analyzing of an IMAGE (include the image in your assignment).
Your essay will reflect…
1.Reading and summarizing chapter 9
2.Watching and analyzing videos
3.Analyzing of 1 image
1.First Part: Write a summary on the most captivating aspects of chapters 9 to you. (Roughly 2 paragraphs).
2.Second Part:
Next you will watch the videos “Born Between and Photo Shopped.”

Third Part, NOW, after viewing the videos consider:
What did you think of the videos?
What is the overall message of the video “photoshopped?”
What do “Born Between” teach us about “gender construction”?
Do you agree that the media puts more pressure on women than men in regards to meeting the standards of beauty? And, more importantly why do you think this is the case?
3.Third Part: you will analyze an image and the “wordage” on your chosen image. Please consider the following questions in your TWO page response.
a.Who is the ad’s target population?
b.What gender roles are being reinforced?
c.How is the ad constructing gender (think about it from a child’s eyes)?
d.What message is it sending?
e.Contrast what the ad claims to sell and what it “actually” is selling.
f.What role does race and gender play in advertising (in your opinion)?
g.Do you find the ad offensive? Why or why not?
h.Do you think the ad promotes rape culture (google rape culture)?

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Answer the following questions by viewing the video and skimming through the text book
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Please answer the questions in simple language.
I’ve attached Ch 9 outline for you to refer. Please read over it and complete the 1st part of the assignment according to it.


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