Annotated reference: no more than 500 words

The purpose of this exercise is to give you more practice in summarising, paraphrasing and critically evaluating research conducted by others.
Select one peer-reviewed research article published in an academic journal that is related to the topic of your dissertation or project. Peer-reviewed means that it is in an academic journal. The article can be one of your own choice based on your topic. Summarise and paraphrase the key argument and findings in the article to demonstrate your understanding. Critically evaluate the methodology, method or data analysis of the article. Be selective as you cannot discuss everything. You might consider the sample size and composition, the methods used, the conclusions derived from the analysis. You need to demonstrate an evaluative stance. Do not just describe but review the article and in particular its research in some way.
4. Exercise 4
Exercise 4: Scoping the Literature
This exercise is worth 5% of the total marks available for this module. It is one of a series of four exercises that take place through the term, the total value of which is 20% of the module marks. The remaining 80% is assessed through the research proposal.
The purpose of this exercise is to give you more practice critically evaluating research methods for your own research and relevant research studies conducted by others.
Provide a list of ten peer-reviewed articles or book chapters that you think are relevant to your dissertation. Five should be methodological readings off the module and five should be on your topic. Summarise why you have chosen these articles, what they offer you and which is the core article and why.

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Annotated reference: no more than 500 words
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