Annotated Reading Assignment Format :

Annotated Reading Assignment Format :

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Annotated Reading Assignment Format :
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Author – Provide some source information for each entry. The obvious info provided could be the title of the source and the author. Present the title of articles in quotes, “On Education”, and longer works (books, documentaries) in italics, Super Size Me.

Thesis or Main Point (1 to 2 sentences– Identify the main point of the article. This may be done by identifying and restating a specific sentence of two that you think represents the thesis. Sometimes a thesis isn’t directly stated. After reading a text, the thesis can be “identified” by contemplating what you think the author’s main purpose was in writing the essay and creating your own statement of it.

Supporting Ideas (list of 4-6 items)– After identifying the main point (thesis), it is then important to list ideas from the text that support it. You can present support points as a list. These will be specific ideas or examples from the text that help “prove” the thesis.

My Reaction (short paragraph, 5-7 sentences) – In a typical English or Literature course, your reaction to the events and ideas presented in a text serve as the foundation of class discussion and for essays. Practice reacting to the readings by expressing what you thought about the text. Did you like/dislike it? Why? Do you agree or disagree with ideas being presented? Why? Work on identifying specific points from a text that you think are strong/weak and be able to explain why you feel this way.

Questions I Have (list, ~3) – Anything from a reading that is unclear to you should be listed here. It is very important that you become comfortable identifying things that don’t make sense and then addressing them with your teachers. Keep in mind that even the most talented readers or students will find things in a text that will cause them confusion and will require further clarification


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