Annotated Bibliography Essay


My annotated bibliography essay with be based on the attached reading excerpt by Christopher Peterson, “Learned Helplessness.” Must include works cited page.  PART ONE—Choose one of the arguments we have covered in class thus far, and consider its corresponding topics: Writer and Text: Main/Related Topics and Issues: Peterson, Introduction to Learned Helplessness Personal responsibility; fear; anxiety; education; accountability; mental health PART TWO—Complete the following in your essay:   1.       Before you write: Consider the arguments surrounding the issue as it is presented in the reading you choose as your springboard. Note: your sources may not respond to the actual reading you choose, but the issue it presents. 2.       Research: Find four sources total. You must find the following types of sources: a.        one source that provides historical context of the issue. Keep in mind arguments of definition b. one source that provides data or statistics on the issue (not from Google). Keep in mind arguments of fact c. one source that provides biographical/background information about the author and/or information about the author beyond what you found in the reading (so that you can analyze the writer’s appeal to ethos) d. one source that contradicts, disagrees with, or provides an alternative argument to the argument found in the reading you chose 3.       Writing and Structuring the Essay: a.        Paragraph One—Summarize the reading you chose: Use the reading as a springboard. Summarize only the aspect(s) of it that your paper will focus on. b.       Paragraphs Two through Five—Present each of your four sources. In each paragraph—                                                                i.      Discuss the source’s argument (i.e. summarize the source) and the type of research it represents                                                              ii.      Discuss how the source’s argument applies to/responds to/puts in context/refutes the class reading you have chosen c.        Paragraph(s) 6 (and 7)—Conclude with your stance on the issue. Now that you have discussed 1) the argument presented in the class reading, and 2) the sources you’ve researched in relation to it, you should have an idea of where you stand on the given issue being discussed. End your essay with where you stand on the issue (your thesis), given the research you have executed. Length: Four (4) full pages; Times New Roman; 12-point font; double-spaced; one-inch margins; properly cited in MLA format   Due Dates: ·         Final Draft: submit to “Assignments”à”Essay 3” by 11/16 at 11:59 PM All sources must pass the C.R.A.P test. I would like all sources to be scholarly. Please let me know if you need access to my college library.  Must include works cited page.

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Annotated Bibliography Essay
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