annotated bibliography about impact of fast fashion


Start to compile your list of annotated sources for your researched argument. You will need to submit 10 annotated sources for this assignment. At least 5 must be scholarly sources. The rest can be credible popular sources. To annotate a bibliography means to include critical commentary about each work on the list, usually in one or two short paragraphs. Each annotation should contain the following: A sentence or two about the rhetorical context of the source. Is it an informative news article? An opinion column?  A scholarly essay? Is it intended for lawyers? The public?  Students? The elderly? What is the bias? A brief but detailed summary of the content. A note about why this source seems valuable and how you might use it. See example below:  Example: Ames, Katrine. “Last Rights.” Newsweek 26 Aug. 1991: 40-41. Print. This is a news article for the general public about the popularity of a book called Final Exit, on how to commit suicide. Ames explains the interest in the book as resulting from people’s perception that doctors, technology, and hospital bureaucrats are making it harder and harder to die with dignity in this country. The article documents with statistics the direction of public opinion on this topic and also outlines some options, besides suicide, that are becoming available to ensure people of the right to die. Ames shows a bias against prolonging life through technology, but she includes quotations from authorities on both sides. This is a good source of evidence about public and professional opinion. -This sample is from The Aims of Argument by Timothy Crusius and Carolyn Channell. Please view the following link for more information about writing an annotated bibliography:

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annotated bibliography about impact of fast fashion
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