Trading Area

Visit two (2 ) hawker centres of your choice. Examine how you would conduct trading area analyses and recommend the one that you would like to set up your stall.

I have chosen the hawkers in Ang Mo Kio S11 and Chomp Chomp. The hawker at Ang Mo Kio is a walkable distance from the mrt station. Ang Mo Kio is a mutual estate; this cause the crowds to be older. The main audience of the hawkers are middle aged. The trading area at Ang Mo Kio is smaller than Chomp Chomp. The stores at Ang Mo Kio are saturated.

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Trading Area
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The hawker at Chomp Chomp is future away from the mrt station. As compared to the one at Ang Mo Kio, Chomp Chomp is less accessible. Chomp Chomp still managed to gain crowds despite being less accessible. The crowds in Chomp Chomp have a wider age range from young to old. Tourist also head down to Chomp Chomp to try Singapore local food. The trading area at Chomp Chomp is much larger than Ang Mo Kio. The stalls at Chomp Chomp are over-stored as there are more than one stall selling the same food.

I have chosen Ang Mo Kio hawker for my stall as the competition is lesser than Chomp Chomp. Being new in this industry there will be more opportunities to expand at Ang Mo Kio as compared to Chomp Chomp.


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