Anatomy of a Healthcare Nonprofit Assignment


Select a 501 (c) healthcare nonprofit organization and write a paper based on the following question:   Before starting to respond to these questions, make sure you have read the Instructions carefully. Responses need to be accurate and thorough. Write in a professional style. References can be more informal; these are intended to demonstrate how you gained the information (e.g. website, a nonprofit’s report, personal call, personal interview, etc.)    Formal name, current location, and year founded, and legal designation (Legal designation is most likely a 501 (c)3; but check to see.)   Mission Statement    Detailed description of major services provided (e.g. education, patient service, advocacy, other types of assistance; make sure it is detailed).    Defined geographic area and population(s) served.    List of Board of Directors (Trustees) and any affiliations giving, e.g. place of work, occupation. (This could take some questioning, or this could be on their website.)    Name of Director, Executive Director, President, or CEO.    Number of Staff (paid)   Estimated Number of Volunteers and explanation about how they are used.    Several paragraphs (maybe even a page) showing evidence of how the nonprofit uses marketing strategies to “get noticed,” build its brand, or “call for action” from intended audience.  You must show that you can identify the major components of marketing, i.e. PR, Advertising, Promotion, and Personal Selling.    Show in numbers and/or percentages a year’s worth of categorical Sources of Revenue AND Expenses or what is often called Functional Allocation. (These are often presented as pie charts in annual reports.)      Detailed description of the major funding (revenue) sources, e.g. state public health grants, Annual 5k Run, Formal Gala, direct mail, special events. Give amount raised for each.  (Most will have about 3 or more; make a judgment on what are the major sources.)   Statement about how efficient you believe the nonprofit is, in spending the donors’ money. (You have to understand the concept of acceptable functional allocation and administrative and fund raising expenses to answer this. Do not make this response up….)    What are the total assets of this nonprofit?    In a given year what were the total revenues and total expenses for that budget year; this is not the same as total assets overall.    List major goals of the organization from any strategic planning. Is there a formal strategic plan? What years does it cover?   Nonprofit Leader’s Interview (This could take a page or two.) *MAKE THIS UP* ·      Person’s name ·      Years working in nonprofits; years with this nonprofit as the head. ·      Why person works for this nonprofit  ·      What are the five most important competencies a leader of a nonprofit health group needs to have? ·      What is most rewarding about leading a nonprofit health group? ·      What are three most challenging issues for nonprofit health groups today?     Make a statement (a few paragraphs) about what was most impressive to you about this nonprofit; be specific.    What was surprising to you about this nonprofit, after conducting this review? This could be positive or a concern or simply something you never expected to learn about this group. Rubric – Anatomy of a Nonprofit Assignment   15%     Background (Formal name, Mission, Major Services, Geographic Area and Population Served)  15%     Marketing Description 25%     Revenue and Expenses Weight  10%     Strategic Plan Description Weight 15%     Interview Description Weight  20%     Impressions Weight

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Anatomy of a Healthcare Nonprofit Assignment
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