Analyzing the rhetorical tactics of a controversial site. 

Paper 2: Analyzing the rhetorical tactics of a controversial site. 

800-1000 words; worth 100 points

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Analyzing the rhetorical tactics of a controversial site. 
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Book Chapter= 5 “Analyzing Multimodal Rhetoric”

Use this chapter to help you complete this assignment. This chapter provides you with all the information you need to know to complete this assignment.

Purpose: This assignment is designed to help you understand how information is communicated to us. By looking at a website, you should be able to analyze the purpose of that website, who the target audience is, what their values and beliefs are, and so on. As you do you analysis, you should be looking at every aspect of the website including, but not limited to, the font (size, style, color), the presence of videos (or absence), additional links (and what their purposes are) and so on. Think of looking at this website like looking at an onion and peeling back the layers to see the whole.

Research:  You must locate the website you plan on analyzing. You are required to include a Works Cited page with your paper that has the entry for the website information on it. In addition, you must locate 2 recent news/opinion articles about the company and summarize them. Your works cited page should have 3 entries on it: the main website and the 2 news/opinion articles you are required to locate—no more, no less.

The Assignment: Your directions for this assignment is clearly stated in Chapter 5: “Analyzing Multimodal Rhetoric.” You can find the directions on pages 119-120 (if you can get the page numbers to work). There is a green header that states “Assignment” and the title is “Analyze the rhetorical tactics of a controversial site.” It is #1 on the list.  Since the directions are clearly stated there, I will not re-type them here. The directions also provide you with a structure for your essay. If you have any questions, please email me.


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