Analyzing the elements of human behavior in an organizational



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Analyzing the elements of human behavior in an organizational
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The purpose of this group project is to improve student’s ability in identifying and analyzing the elements of human behavior in an organizational context.

The team project has following objectives:

  • Be able to identify and explain how OB concepts are applied in real life organizations.
  • Draw conclusions from your research and real life examples about best practices in OB.
  • To experience working in a diverse team,
  • To deliver a highly effective group presentation
  • Find primary research articles on a topic relevant to organizational behaviour (OB).



  1. This project should be completed in a group of three
  2. Select an organization to study. The organization can be for-profit or non-profit. An important criterion to consider in choosing your organization is accessibility – you need to have a contact person who will cooperate with your study and give you access to needed information and people.
  3. Establish a contact person. Find someone in the organization who can grant you access to organizational information and members. Explain how you wish to study their organization for class.
  4. Select an issue. The range of options is large. It needs to involve organizational behaviour topics that are relevant to the organization you select. You can choose among topics discussed during lectures and/or in the textbook. For example, students in the past have studied (a) the employee engagement and job satisfaction, (b) Leadership etc.

The team needs to do some research about the selected topic. Seek approval of your instructor on the topic and idea in advance to avoid redundancies with other groups and to make sure of the appropriateness of the selected material.


  1. Write a Report (10%) Gather relevant information and data. You have several options for gathering information and data (follow the format guidelines below).
  2. Group Presentation (5%) Prepare for a short in-class presentation: All groups will present their group projects in class




  • Use double-space and 12-point font, Times New Roman.
  • The document should be of 8-10 pages in length (excluding title page, references and appendices).
  • The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) should be referred for document style and citations (at least 7 references should be cited).
  • Submission is only through Turn-It-in on Moodle. Hardcopy will be submitted after Turn-It-in submission is approved.


Title page: please include the following: – paper title, Instructor’s name, section #, group number, date, authors and student #s

Executive summary/ Abstract: a 200-word paragraph overview of the entire report (new page)

  1. Introduction: organizational issue studied, relevance to organizations (new page). Introduce the topic, give some basic information on the overall subject
  2. Review of Literature: refer to at least seven papers on your topic from A-rated Journals. (provide at least 2-3 pages)
  3. Method: description about data collection (standard instrument survey) and data analysis procedures.
  4. Discussion: make conclusions, alternative explanations, suggest solutions

Interpret the findings of your research instrument (Questionnaire- Survey(to be filled by at least 10 people)

Discuss about the organization where you did the study and about the topic, what issues you found in the organization and your suggested solutions to solve these behavioral problems.

  1. Conclusion

One paragraph for your concluding remarks and one for your


   Reference and Appendix












*Those submitting plagiarized paper will receive zero or minimal marks.






  1. The project will be graded based on both content as well as oral presentation.
  2. You may lose marks due to poor presentation, even if the content is adequate.
  3. Presentation includes spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, continuity and transitions between paragraphs, headings, and other mechanics of expository writing.
  4. You are required to perform a short presentation to share your findings with other members in your class. The oral presentations will take place in the Week 13-14 of the semester.


Due dates

Week 6: inform the instructor with topic

Week 8: meet with your instructor for progress update.

Week 13: submit the report.

Week 14: presentations.



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