analytical annotated bibliography


Write the citation and annotation, the complete citation should always come first and the annotation follows. Need to include each Subheading: 1. Purpose statement that describes the purpose of the work. 2. Summary Statement is summary of the article content. 3. Audience Statement describes the type of audience the article is written for. 4. Unique Feature Statement elucidates any special or unique features in the article. 5. Strengths, weaknesses or biases statement describes the strengths, weaknesses or biases in the article. 6. Reflection statements describes reflective thoughts on how this article and materials in class relate to various components of your wellness. Please follow this proper format: (Example) Patrick, Y., Lee, A., Raha, O., Pillai, K., Gupta, S., Sethi, S., . . . Moss, J. (2017). Effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive and physical performance in university students. Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 15(3), 217-225. doi:10.1007/s41105-017-0099-5 Purpose Statement: The purpose of this study is to compare college students who got a full nights sleep versus those who didn’t and how it affected them cognitively and physically. This study demonstrates how pulling an “all-nighter” does not significantly impact the cognitive skills of college students. On the other hand, there were differences in physical ability in which those sleep deprived performed better. Summary Statement: This research study focuses on the impacts that sleep deprivation has on both cognitive and physical being for college students. Physical ability was measured by the students’ reaction time while cognitive skills where measured through memory and focus-based skills. The results indicate that there are “no signification differences… in cognitive tests” (Patrick et al., 2017) meaning that whether participants had one night of sleep or not did not have a significant effect on cognition. However, for the physical aspect, there was an increase in reaction time for participants in the sleep deprived category. Audience Statement: I think the main audience for this study is college students. A lot of college students tend to do school work at night and lose sleep over it. Unique Feature Statement: This study is unique because it relies on skills such as speed in the reaction time test rather than something like the students’ GPA where multiple variables can be a determinant of it. The approach to tracking the effects of sleep deprivation are not too specific where the study can only apply to college students but can also be tested on other people. Strengths/Weaknesses/Biases Statement: One weakness of this study is that they only did the experiment for one day. Having only one day of sleep deprivation can be the reason why they did not find a significant decrease in the students’ cognitive and physical abilities. For instance, “another study found that… total sleep deprivation has a significant effect on filtering efficiency” (Patrick et al., 2017) which could mean that if this experiment was done for longer the results could be different. In addition, the students were each in their homes and were not supervised by any researcher. Reflection Statement: This article is connected to wellness because it talks about how lack of sleep can impact your ability in school in both cognitive and physical aspects. Every college student that I know has been sleep deprived at least once for staying up late doing work or other causes. So, I think many other college students also have a connection with this article in that sense. In class we talked about how the aspects of wellness are intertwined and this is an example of that. Since this is only a one night study, it is good to know that one night will not impact your abilities negatively but maybe having a lot of restless nights will. Make sure your citations are in APA format!!! Rubric: 1. Purpose of 2 out 2 ABS are clearly and concisely stated. 2. Main ideas of sources are clearly summarized in 2 out of 2 Annotated Bibs(AB). 3. Audience properly identified in each submission. 4. Unique features properly identified in each submission. 5. Strengths, weaknesses, or biases were properly identified in each submission. 6. Reflection statements were concisely relevant to the material and were present on both submissions. 7. APA citations are used appropriately throughout the entire assignment. 8. Appropriate subheadings are used throughout the document, and citations is present. 9. The assignment is free from spelling and grammar errors and complete sentences were used.

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analytical annotated bibliography
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