Analysis of Servant Leadership Effectiveness

*Please make it sound like You actually volunteered somewhere I didnt have time to because I was hospitalized again and been dealing with a lot of medical issues. A good place that I would volunteer at is my church which is Orchard Church in Temecula, Ca. our pastor is pastor Jim. (you can google it). But it has to sound real this is literally worth half my grade!!! I have attached instructions and rubric please review carefully. I don’t need this until Sunday 10/27/19 by 8 PM

Final Paper Project

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Analysis of Servant Leadership Effectiveness
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Headings/Content I’m looking for when I’m grading your paper:

Reason for Selecting this Service Project (50 points)

Analysis of my Feelings Regarding this Project? (150 points)

· What I learned about myself

· Ways I was challenged

· Aspects of servant leadership that came easily to me

· How I felt when the project was over

Analysis of Servant Leadership Effectiveness (or lack of) (150 points)

· Which of ten characteristics I attempted to utilize

· Effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of those characteristics and why

· What I learned about myself as a servant leader

75 Conclusion/summary

Other aspects I’m looking for while grading

APA, including three references minimum, at least one peer-reviewed (40 points)

Writing Mechanics, including 5-7 pages (plus title page and reference page) (35 points)

Reminder: The Ten Characteristics start on page 3 in Spears

Final Project Paper You will volunteer to serve in some capacity in an organization.  You can do anything from volunteering in a hospital, a school, a religious organization, a corporation—just about anything.  Here are some guidelines: • Do not put yourself in danger.  Don’t spend the week sleeping on the streets with the homeless, trying to serve gang-infested communities, or placing yourself in harm’s way.  If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of a project, contact the professor. • Do work with organizations that are experienced in serving.  This is a one-time assignment.  You don’t have to devote more than one day serving.  But organizations that do serve their communities have established guidelines and procedures for volunteers, which will optimize your experience as you serve. • Start thinking about your project early in the term.  Eight weeks is a very short time, and you need to make arrangements ASAP.  Waiting until Week Six does not usually provide you with the best opportunities for a meaningful experience. • Optimally, look for opportunities where you can both serve AND lead.  Remember that the paradox of servant-leadership is that a gifted and skilled person looks for ways to serve and build others up through their influence.  The ideal would be to find an opportunity to serve and lead.  For example, if you are an excellent baker, perhaps you can teach others to bake gourmet pastries to raise money for a worthy cause (like Paul Newman’s philanthropic arm).  One team gave a presentation to the executive team at the Ronald McDonald House Charities on servant-leadership, and served them in this way.  So be creative—find something you’re passionate about. Once you do your service, you need to write a 5-7 page, double-spaced  paper.  It must be written in APA 6th Edition formatting. Your paper must  include at least three (3) references (books, articles, etc.), and at least one reference must be a peer-reviewed, refereed journal article pertaining to  servant-leadership.  As a guideline, your paper should include: • A section describing the reason that you selected this particular service project.  One (1) to two (2) pages should suffice. • An analysis of your feelings regarding this project.  What did you learn about yourself?  In what ways were you challenged?  What aspects of servant-leadership came easily to you?  How did you feel when the project was over?  This should be approximately two (2) to three (3) pages. • An analysis of servant-leadership’s effectiveness (or lack thereof).  Which of the ten characteristics did you attempt to utilize?  Were those characteristics effective or ineffective?  Why? What did you learn about yourself? This should take two (2) to three (3) pages. • Conclusion or summary. About one-half (½) to one (1) page. This is worth 500 points. This is due on Week 7.


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