An experiment,a reseacher counts the number of oxygen | Homework Help

1. If A represents atomic mass and Z represents atomic number, which of the following describes an atom after a proton is emitted from its nucleus?

A. A+ 12, Z + 1

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An experiment,a reseacher counts the number of oxygen | Homework Help
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B. A-1, Z-1

C. A+ 12, Z-1

D. A-1, Z + 1
2. A population shows the following annual data: 3% emigration 2% immigration 2% births 1% deaths Which of the following is the change in population at the end of the year?

A. 3% decrease

B. 2% increase

C. 1% decrease

D. No change
3.In humans (2n =46), mitosis results in ____ and meiosis results in _____ Which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above?

A. 2 cells with 23 chromosomes; 4 cells with 46 chromosomes

B. 4 cells with 46 chromosomes; 2 cells with 23 chromosomes

C. 2 cells with 46 chromosomes; 4 cells with 23 chromosomes

D. 4 cells with 23 chromosomes; 2 cells with 46 chromosomes
4. In an experiment,a reseacher counts the number of oxygen bubbles produced by water plan placed under different colors of light. The researcher find that water plants place under white light release more oxygen bubbles than water plants placed under red light. Which of the following statements s best supported based on the observation:
A. Light can break up water moleculus to form oxygen.
B. White light increases photosynthesis in plant.
C. Red light has no affect on the release of oxygen from water plants.
D. An increase in temprature decreases the amount of oxygen produced by plants.
5. A scientist has note a possible relationship between a certain chemical substance found in fish and the occurrence of kidney failure in humans. Which of the f/w preliminary steps should the scientist take before conducting a controlled experiment: 
A. Establish a cause and effect relationship between the substance and the outcome.
B. Review the literature to dertermine what other research is available on this topic.
C. Write a research grant proposal to the appropriate federal funding agency.
D. Distribute letters of consent to human subjects who will be used in the research. 


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