An Examination on Haruki Murakami’s A Slow Boat to China


You will write two original interpretations of works of your choice. You can choose works from our readings for the course or other works related to the topic of our course. Together, these interpretations aim to give you the opportunity for reflection on particular themes or other aspects that you might wish to explore in greater depth through close textual analysis (The interpretations might build on your Moodle comments). They also prepare you for your final project. You can use one of the interpretations in your final project. Each interpretation should be 600-800 words, double-spaced, and submitted on Moodle. The writing should: include frequent text citations, appear polished and persuasive with strong transitions, contain limited repetition, and show purposeful organization.

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An Examination on Haruki Murakami’s A Slow Boat to China
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