An Annotated Bibliography: Diabetes

Paper instructions

Conduct a literature review using the library databases over a specific topic. Write a brief annotated bibliography using APA formatting. The paper will count 15% toward the course grade.

Annotated Bibliography: Healthy People 2020

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An Annotated Bibliography: Diabetes
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1. Go to Healthy People 2020 ( Read the home page and then explore Topics and Objectives. From Topics and Objectives identify a health issue that affects a population and is of interest to you.
2. Conduct a library search over your selected Healthy People 2020 topic and objective within nursing evidence using peer‐reviewed nursing research articles related to the identified Healthy People 2020 topic.
3. Review the rubric linked below regarding specifics for the format of the assignment. Write 1 paragraph of 150 words or less accurately summarizing the nursing research article in your own words and reflect upon its applicability to community health nursing.
4. Submit your paper and a copy of the peer‐reviewed nursing research article.
****A link to the article will not suffice****


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