Al anon speakers


There are 2 Al anon speakers from recorded YouTube videos that students will listen to, to complete the assignment. The Al anon report must be a minimum of 4-5double spaced typed pages and include the following: Al anon, Report Guidelines  1. Cover Page-Include your first and last name, HED 271 section, and date submitted, put in lower right corner. (page 1)  2. A summary of the stories and themes shared by the Al anon speakers Relate specific addiction concepts to the experiences shared by each speaker. Identify the following using your text and class notes where applicable. For example: a. Gamma characteristics b. Joan Jackson stages c. Enabling behaviors. d. Family roles and unspoken rules and e. Family treatment concepts. Include your feelings, reactions, thoughts, behaviors, and anything else that resonated with you. (pages2,3) 2. How does Al anon help individuals with their recovery? Refer to Chapter 10 (page 3)  3. Answer the following questions and explain your answers fully: a. Has there been a change in my attitudes and values concerning the use of alcohol and drugs? b. Has there been an increase or decrease in my use of alcohol and drugs? (pages 4,5) Al anon Speakers-Listen to both Al-Anon speakers and follow the Al anon Report Guidelines located on the Blackboard course menu. Julie Kyrie

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Al anon speakers
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