Air Traffic Controllers


This is a group Project and you are only to complete the Analysis of findings/ policy issues. So this only needs to be about 550 words or so. All Materials needed will be attached This case, “Air Traffic Controllers,” is a “classic” case study of power: the union and collective bargaining power versus the power of government. On August 3, 1981, approximately 12,000 federally employed air traffic controllers, members of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union (PATCO), went on strike. U.S. President Ronald Reagan declared the strike to be illegal and immediately announced that any striking controller who failed to report back to work within 48 hours would be dismissed. Three days later, 12,000 dismissal notices were mailed, and the secretary of transportation announced, “It’s over. Our concern is rebuilding the system.” The objectives: To identify and analyze different stakeholders and the influence mechanisms available to them within the constraints of the law. To analyze the recruitment, selection, promotion practices of the FAA and the degree of organizational fit between the organization’s human resources and the tasks to be done by air traffic controllers. To analyze the rewards and benefit system of a collective bargaining agreement and its effect on the individual decision to strike. To analyze the government’s handling of a “real life” labor dispute that had real consequences. The followings are questions that will help guide your case study: What is your analysis of the situation leading up to President Reagan’s decision to terminate the striking air traffic controllers? Do you agree with the decision? Why or Why Not?? Format: Your group paper should include the following sections: Analysis of Findings or Policy Issue: This is your original research. You want your argument to flow logically and fluidly, but be sure to use descriptive headings and subheadings to help guide and orient the important idea is the use of headings and subheadings. This is where you would identify the issues involved in the case study (2-3) and possible solutions to the issues. Typically revolves around the course lessons Bibliography: While professional white papers may not reference their sources, any academic papers must provide a full bibliography, in addition to fully cited, footnoted references. Footnotes and endnotes, however, are not standard for most white papers. – Required (APA or MLA citations required) … AGAIN relying on PYNES is generally insufficient, but NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.

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Air Traffic Controllers
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