Agent Orange Use in Vietnam | Homework Help

Agent Orange Use in Vietnam

List of minimum topics to be included in your research paper (but not limited to):
€¢ The unique problem in your case. (What is the history of the case? Who caused the problem? What area was polluted, water, air? Give and explain the specific chemicals involved. How was the problem discovered?)
€¢ Health and environmental effects (immediate, present, and future, if known)
€¢ Identify and describe any legal proceedings involved in this case (Who won? Key evidence?)
€¢ Prevention (What could have been done to prevent the disaster?)
€¢ Remediation (What steps are being taken to clean up this problem and prevent it from happening again?)
€¢ Legislation (Did any new legislation or regulations result from this case? Describe the new laws in detail including who implements the new regulations and what parties this legislation affrcts

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Agent Orange Use in Vietnam | Homework Help
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1. All topics listed above must be researched and included in your report as well as a conclusion in which you will discuss your reaction to the problems cause by the environmental crisis.

2. The report must include a cover page and bibliography. You must use at least five (5) different sources for your research. All sources must be listed in the
bibliography in the correct MLA format. You may use books or internet sources.


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