Agency resources ongoing support

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Agency resources ongoing support

To have an adequate safety-net, it must have the types of care that address root causes. This fits with the systems ecological perspective which is foundational to our discipline. For the purposes of this assignment, please assume that your client is un/under-insured. Also, please address the issue of medication should there be a need during treatment.

The paper should be written APA.

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Agency resources ongoing support
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1. Mental Health – outpatient

2. Mental Health – inpatient

3. Depression/Drug and Alcohol – screening

4. Drug and Alcohol – counseling and support

5. Drug and Alcohol – inpatient


1. For each issue area (5), provide 2 local resources. “Who helps with this?” It could be city, state, federal, faith-based or non-profit organizations that provide support.

2. Provide a brief overview of the services they provide. “What can clients expect?”
3. For each issue, contact 1 of the agency you have listed and identify yourself as a student. Ask them to support your learning by responding to the following:
In general, what are that agency’s priorities when helping clients?
What is their largest source of referrals? In other words, how do clients get to them?
What agencies do they have the closest referral relationship with? What resources do they refer clients to outside their agency?


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