Affirmative Consent


PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING!!! THIS WILL BE TURNED INTO TURNITIN.COM!!!!!!!!! THIS PAPER IS A RESEARCH PAPER ON AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT!!!!!! There needs to be 5 sources from academic journals and 2 other ones. You will have to connect 4 concepts of how toxic masculinity, nonverbal communication, sex education and the promotion of heteronormativity, and consent. I attached three readings that you need to reference, which touch base in all of the concepts you need to connect.  HERE ARE THE PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Introduction: Interesting opening, question or problem your paper addresses, preview of major sections of your paper Research: What do we know about this topic? Summarize research and popular press information on your topic drawing on at least 5 research articles (from academic journals) and at least 2 popular press discussions of your topic (YouTube video, blogs, magazine, newspaper) all properly cited using in text notations and references/works cited page according to MLA format.  Conceptual Analysis: What concepts from the course help you to understand, reflect on, relate to, provide context for, make sense of your topic? All students must incorporate the concept of intersectionality. Choose any 4 other concepts from course readings to include in your analysis reflection, all concepts should be cited appropriately in your paper. Take a Stand: Explain what we/they should do or stop doing or change or think differently about or increase or decrease, and so on, drawing on relevant research, popular press, course materials, and your experiences as needed to support your case. You cannot just continue to explain an issue, you must make an argument for how you think the world would be better in some way through the change you want to see made.

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Affirmative Consent
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