1750 words, Whether print or broadly stated video, advertising is everywhere, and while the end goal (the call to action) of an ad is to get the viewer to make a purchase or some other commitment, the ways in which advertisers make that call happen can be exceedingly subtle. The goal of this essay is to analyze an advertisement. We’re looking specifically at the signs and symbols used in order to make the call to action happen. What’s the call to action, and what is pointing you in that direction-is it explicitly or implicitly stated? Who’s the target audience? Begin with a short summary that states the company and the product, describes the ad and consider what signs and symbols and being used and how they’re used in ad and how they tell us who the ad is aimed at. Consider the influence of the program or publication the ad is tied to and include a section to compare the ad with another in the same company and how does this ad compare? Is there a difference in approach?

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