Advantages and disadvantages of social media, focusing on written communication

For this Individual Project, you will use the research you conducted for your Unit 3 discussion (at the end of the page with the 3 articles) on advantages and disadvantages of social media, focusing on written communication.
800-100 Words

Using your research to support your claims, you will compose an essay that argues whether social media improves or damages communication.

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Advantages and disadvantages of social media, focusing on written communication
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Your essay must contain the following:

Introduction: In the first paragraph, state your thesis and provide a summary of your main topics discussing how social media impacts communication. You should consider both the potential positive and negative impact social media engagement can have professionally.
Body: In 3-4 paragraphs, discuss your main topics on how social media impacts communication and how its use can positively or negatively impact you professionally. You should include both perspectives in your essay, and support your claims with research (using the information from the 3 articles you chose for Unit 3, ensuring that there is at least one APA style in-text citation for each of those 3 articles throughout your essay).
Conclusion: In the final paragraph, conclude your essay by summarizing your main topics.
References page: Create a references page following APA formatting to list all references used in this essay. You should have a minimum of 3 references,


Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Includes an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement and overview of essay’s main topics.

Includes a 3–4-paragraph analysis how social media impacts communication and how its use can positively and negatively impact you professionally using research to support claims.

Includes a paragraph to conclude the essay

Develops each section with sufficient specific details and support.

Organizes the essay using a logical arrangement of details.

Uses at least 3 references to support the argument.

Cites sources using APA format both in-text and in a references page.

Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively.

Formats the paper using APA style guidelines.



Article 1:

Shaffer, J., & Garnett, M. (2011). Monetizing social media. Printing Impressions, 54(1), 22-23. Retrieved from

This article outlines the monetization of social media in marketing today for business. It also discusses the failures of implementing social media as a disservice to your overall potential ROI in business.

Article 2:

Hinton, R. C. (2017). The pros and cons of social media in job screenings. Fairfield County Business Journal, 53(12), 13. Retrieved from

This article was written by Robert C. Hinton, a lawyer who practices employment law for businesses for the Hartford office of Pullman & Comley.  He discusses the use of social media in business for hiring and firing employees in the Human Resources realm and the liabilities associated with utilizing this practice the wrong way.  I am greatly interested in this as I have my own opinions on what individual rights are and how individuals represent themselves to include reservations with equal opportunity employment and the ethics involved in that.  I agree and both disagree with the expert observations of the author.  The articles end with the obvious statement that when used properly social media is a very useful tool in determining who people are prior to and after hiring employees and the legal ramifications herein.

Article 3:

Svatosová, V. (2012). Social media such as the phenomenon of modern business. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 6(4), 1-23. Retrieved from

My final article delves into the statistical analysis and data mining that social media allows for modern businesses specifically out of the Czech Republic.  In this paper, internet marketing use and research are broken down into statistics and data that can be mined to allow a business to research a specific potential outcome.  A successful company will need to use this approach in today’s business strategy.


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