Action Learning Methods and Assessment Planning Tools

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Imagine you had all the right people in the room and did all of the right data gatherings. However, you did not ask the right action learning questions to gain insights into stakeholder information that can suggest the acquisition of new programmed knowledge management to shape organizational capacity of service delivery systems? Here is your chance to think about what you need to know.////
Based on the guidelines in your Bridging the Gap Between Asset/Capacity Building and Needs Assessment text, ABC of Action Learning e-book, and other sources you can cite, what is the action learning questions that you should ask on the assessment planning tools for systems changes to address your community-based problems? What would you like to know but cannot figure out how to ask? This will build toward your final assignment. List some action learning and assessment planning questions, and define what you would like to know but do not know how to ask.

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Action Learning Methods and Assessment Planning Tools
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