Abnormal Psychology


Prompt: Using the Belhaven Library databases, find the following article: Frederick, T. V., Dunbar, S., & Thai, Y. (2018). Burnout in Christian Perspective. Pastoral Psychology, 67, 267-276. The paper discusses “burnout and “compassion fatigue” as issues relevant to Christian caregivers. After reading the paper, read Galatians 6: 9-10, Mark 6:30-34 and answer the following questions: Describe a time when either you experienced or saw someone else experience, compassion fatigue. What was the event that caused the burnout, and what was the effect of the burnout? Did you find the suggestions in the Dunbar paper helpful or not, and justify your reason. How did Jesus handle compassion fatigue, and what lessons can be used for your ministry?

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Abnormal Psychology
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