A world problem I would like to Solve


https://caccl-desert.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/search?vid=01CACCL_DESERT:DESERT&lang=en mrios740 / Knowledge1! MLA Format  Choose a problem anywhere in the world that you would like to solve. The problem you choose should be academic-worthy in the sense that you can do your primary and secondary research in our library databases. Please keep in mind that you cannot write a 7-page research paper on a huge topic like Global Warming or World Hunger. However, you can write a 7-page paper on Lowering Carbon Emissions in California or Breaking Up The Plastic Island in Pacific Ocean. You cannot write a 7-page paper on World Hunger. However, you can write a 7-page paper on Hunger In Los Angeles.  A research paper focuses on one topic that you research at great length, not the other way around. For example, you do not want to write a paragraph each about melting glaciers, carbon dioxide, rising tides, and coal emission under the topic of Climate Change. You should pick one of these areas such as rising tides and write a 7-page research paper about that one topic within Climate Change. When you are done, your reader should have a good understanding about one topic Research the issue, gathering a minimum of 10 sources. Your 10 (or more) sources should include the following: 2 Ted Talks or documentaries (No YouTube videos!) Newspaper articles from reputable newspapers like N.Y. Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Christian Monitor, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe. All are well-respected sources. No The Guardian, Mashables, news clips from CNN, etc. In other words, no online news articles. Other primary or secondary sources from the college’s databases . 1 online book that you can find in the library’s databases.  Other than for the history portion of your paper, your resources should be within 1 or 2 years of publication. Even if your problem is decades old, new conversations and possible solutions change over the course of time. What’s the latest conversation? Please do not use the internet or video clips from the television news. Other than Ted Talks or documentaries, researching should strengthen your skills working within the databases. Major newspaper articles can be found in the databases, so no need to Google. The exception is that you may use a government website for the latest statistics. Please do not use Wikipedia or any of the encyclopedias as sources. These tertiary sources are great to give you a brief overview of a subject before you begin researching in the databases, but we do not use these sources in a college-level academic paper. Using Google will cause your paper to be returned with a ZERO. You will then have to rewrite it, using library databases instead. You will then receive 75% of your earned grade. The format for a Problem/Solution Research Paper is as follows: Current background (what is the current situation) (Often this is part of your introduction) History (what led to the current situation—usually your second paragraph) Parts of the Problem (and causes) Future Implications (what are the effects of the problem) Possible solutions (These are not your own solutions, but one or two possible solutions advocated by experts) WRITE YOUR ARGUMENT Write an 7–page essay with minimum 10 sources that explains/defines the issue, explicitly presents your position, supports your position with reasons and evidence, and suggests a solution by experts. BODY PARAGRAPHS SHOULD CONTAIN 2-3 DIFFERENT SOURCES IN EACH.

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A world problem I would like to Solve
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