A Portrait of the individual Investor

Paper instructions

Please read the reading for this week (“A Portrait of the individual Investor” and “Heuristics and Biases in Retirement Savings Behavior”). Please read it carefully; then, choose one of the article and writer your comments have to satisfy four conditions: 1.You comment should be not yet cover in the power point slides.
2.Your remarks have to RELATE DIRECTLY to the course reading.
3.You have to wisely motivative your remarks and put them into context. The substance of what you say matters most, but style does matter also. Please sharpen your memo-writing skills!
4.Your remarks should be connected to future course material. My future course topic is about: Strategies for building trust (I will upload the next week reading for you) For this part, you may write a paragraph to connect this week material to future course material.

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A Portrait of the individual Investor
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