A page about the importance of emotion in decision making


I need a single page (maybe one full paragraph with 15-20 sentences?) about the issue that emotions affect our decisions in our daily life and thus emotion is important. Here is how I want for this paragraph to be structured: -The first statement would be “emotions affect our decisions in our daily life” or something similar.  (The whole paragraph should follow the first statement and not change the subject.) -So, the next sentences would suggest some everyday scenarios of how emotion affects decisions. I would like to have one or two examples maybe. One example could be food advertisements we see in our daily life and there should be supportive sentences of how it works; for example, food ads use colorful visuals, background music, and other factors not only gives info/messages to the viewers but also may cause some kind of emotion to the viewers as well as provoking their appetite. Another example would be some unrelated emotion before the main task of information processing or decision making; which would be like, a nice weather or song we hear while commuting that would cause some positive emotions, and then when we have to make decisions at work, those incidental emotions we feel before the decision making would affect our decision or judgment. something like that. -Then, following sentences would again emphasize the importance of the emotion saying that emotions affect our information processing and decision making or that emotions exist to help us navigate our world and therefore emotions are important. I hope this helps you understand the flow.

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A page about the importance of emotion in decision making
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