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a modest proposal by jonathan swift, how should one read a book by virginia woolf, commonwealth literature does not exist by salman rushdie and the discovery of what it means to be an american by james baldwin

*Provide 350-500 word analytical responses for each of the following questions. (Thesis + Quotes + Techniques) *Quotes do not contribute to your word count. *Each worth 25 marks 1) Respond to Rushdie’s claim that the English language is a world language that also contains its own world literature. How does Rushdie demonstrate that English transcends its origins as a seemingly exclusive European language? 2) Although Swift has been called a misanthrope due to his writing, he was, in fact, describing humanity’s moral and intellectual limitations, which does not necessarily mean that he hated humanity. Focus on “A Modest Proposal” and how it uses satire to deliver its criticism of the social and political climate specific to his time. What does he ultimately try to challenge through his satire? 3) We do not often question the reasons for which we read, nor do we question the type of materials we read. Our reading practices and preferences may seem intuitive, or, perhaps, they may feel like commitments. In “How Should One Read a Book,” examine how Woolf encourages her readers to reflect on the effects of reading. What does Woolf demonstrate in relation to autonomy, subjectivity, and critical thinking? 4) Baldwin’s essay, “The Discovery of What it Means to be an American,” is a meditation on the idea of national and personal identity. Baldwin’s experiences while living in Europe, specifically in Paris, offered him a new sense of purpose as an American and as a writer. How does Baldwin manage to discover his new sense of self, and what implications does this have for him as a black American writer? You will submit your completed work on Léa. Late essays will lose 5% for every day past the submission deadline. You are not permitted to use online resources or any other secondary research to inform your analysis! Obviously, you are not permitted to work on this with your peers or anyone else! Individual work

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a modest proposal by jonathan swift Assignment | Essay Help Services
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