A male first year university student | Homework Help

The patient: A male first year Universitystudent who is of normal weight. He eats awell-balanced diet of residence food and drinksabout two cups of Tim’s coffee a day, butadmits to drinking more alcohol than he shouldat the oID weekend party. He does abstainduring the week. He has noticed a slowdecline in his overall feeling of well-beingsince early summer, but by January hiscondition has worsened to the point where hedecides to see a doctor. This is his first doctorvisit in eight years, since receiving stitches fora sport injury. “Not a high miler” as his doctorremarked about his lack of visits. A blood testwas ordered after a blood pressure reading of160/100 was revealed and his blood test is tothe right. What is the likely conclusion thedoctor will come to in regards to decidingwhere to focus further tests?

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A male first year university student | Homework Help
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