9. Everywhere she went, Rosie, a schizophrenia patient, thou

9. Everywhere she went, Rosie, a schizophrenia patient, thou.
9. Everywhere she went, Rosie, a schizophrenia patient, thought she was hearing sleigh bells. Rosie was experiencinga. an obsession. b. a loose association. c. a hallucination. d. a delusion.10. Which of the following people is most likely displaying antisocial personality disorder?a. Bill, an environmental advocate, who often appears insincere and anxious b. Renaldo, a shrewd businessman, who has considerable charm, a high level of intelligence, and excellent verbal skills c. George, a secret service agent, who has a dull, disagreeable personality and below-average intelligence d. Pat, a former network commentator, who appears untrustworthy and often seems to have an evil glint in his eye 11. Mina has unstable relationships with other people, dramatic mood swings, and feels like she doesn t know who she is or what she wants to do with her life. Mina is exhibiting symptoms that are most typical ofa. hypochondriasis b. schizophrenia c. borderline personality disorder d. major depression12. Aubrey has grown up in a typical middle income family in the United States. He says that he sees and talks to his grandfather, who has been dead for ten years. Aubrey enjoys these conversations. Which criterion of abnormality is LEAST applicable to Aubrey s behavior?a. social deviance b. unusualness c. emotional distress d. faulty perceptions13. Which of the following scenarios best demonstrates the concept of secondary gain?a. An inability to speak, which appeared to have no biological basis, brought Louise to a therapist for the second time that year. b. Not only did Melba experience hysterical blindness, she also had a loss of feeling in both arms. c. Nicholas panic attack, which took place at the baseball stadium, led him to develop a full-blown agoraphobia. d. The hysterical paralysis not only prevented Meredith from consummating her marriage, it also distracted her from thinking about how she really feels about her new husband.14. Which of the following statements about major depression is TRUE?a. It involves mood swings that range from extreme happiness (euphoria) to extreme sadness (dysphoria). b. Among depressed people, women are more likely to distract themselves, whereas men are more likely to ruminate about their problems. c. Episodes usually last only about two weeks. d. It is more prevalent among women. 15. Of these four individuals who recently bounced a check, which one has the attributional style that has been found to be related to severe, long-lasting depression?a. Perry, who says the check bounced because: I m just not good in math and other school stuff, never was and never will be. b. Amos, who says the check bounced because: I made a stupid mistake, forgetting to deduct my rent check from my balance. But I ll never make that kind of mistake again. c. Jacob, who says the check bounced because: The bank is always making mistakes. d. Violet, who says the check bounced because: Someone cashed a check that I had written a year ago, and which I assumed was never going to be cashed, so I added the amount back to my balance. 16. One of the general guidelines when faced with a friend who confides that he has been thinking about suicide is toa. understand that most people who talk about suicide just want attention and have no intention of actually committing the act. b. give him some quiet private time so that he can think more clearly. c. ask him if he has made any concrete plans, such as acquiring the weapon he plans on using. d. distract him and take his mind off the subject by talking about something more cheerful. 17. At the psychiatric hospital, the receiving doctor correctly guessed that Polly displayed catatonic behavior because she was the patient whoa. kept insisting that he was an FBI agent out to entrap her so she couldn t answer any of his questions. b. giggled uncontrollably when he asked her to tell him her age, her marital state, and her place of birth. c. assumed a rigid kneeling position and was uncommunicative for the entire intake interview. d. said that a voice was telling her that she needed to go to the kitchen right away and get a knife and fork.
9. Everywhere she went, Rosie, a schizophrenia patient, thou

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9. Everywhere she went, Rosie, a schizophrenia patient, thou
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