611_Week10_AssPlease, see file belowAttached Files: CIS611_C

611_Week10_AssPlease, see file belowAttached Files: CIS611_C.
611_Week10_AssPlease, see file belowAttached Files: CIS611_Case_Study Individual.ppt (308.5 KB) For weeks 10-12, you ll be working on a case study based on all of the material you ve been learning this term.View the case study presentation (you can download the PowerPoint file attached above).Create a Business Plan* with your recommendations on the University using Cloud Services. Your report should include the following areas:Summary of the caseA list of business requirements that potentially can benefit from available cloud services. This is based on the information from the case study. There should be a brief explanation for each item on the list.A list of administrative processes that have the potential to be moved to a cloud service provider. The administrative side includes many processes similar to most organizations. Here s a couple of questions to get you started: What are the different departments identified?Do any need specialized software?Do they each need a separate data store?Your recommendationsFully explain your answer and provide specific examples for each. Your Business Plan will be a Word or PDF file. Submit your report using the week 10 assignment link.[Note1: This is an individual assignment. Please ignore the case study where it refers to a group assignment.][Note2: If you don t know how to write a Business Plan or know the format for one, you should research the term on the Internet.]See slide 5 in the attached PowerPoint presentation. The deliverable for this milestone is due at the end of the academic week and should include the business plan and requirements on the milestone, along with a brief explanation of each item.
611_Week10_AssPlease, see file belowAttached Files: CIS611_C

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611_Week10_AssPlease, see file belowAttached Files: CIS611_C
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