3.1 Controlling Healthcare Expenditures

3.1 Controlling Healthcare Expenditures
Healthcare Delivery Systems
Shi, L., & Singh, D. A. (2015). Delivering health care in America: A systems approach (6th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
ISBN: 9781284074635
To assess your ability to assess the practices currently used and proposed to control healthcare expenditures.
Action Items- IMPORTANT
1. The differences between the public and the private sectors give us insight into how difficult it is to control expenditures in the healthcare system. Controlling expenditures is widely discussed and provisions have been included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Analyze what has worked in the past to control expenditures and what has not worked, and why or why not. What measures of the PPACA are intended to control healthcare costs, improve access to care, and improve quality of care. What do you feel will work and/or not work and why?
o Conduct basic research about the issue. Consider both current and historical information, as applicable.
o Reflect on the issues. While there may be a relatively straightforward answer or approach, consider the issues from different perspectives.
o Consider additional implications, impacts, etc. related to the issues.
2. By Wednesday, write a 250- to 350-word position (no more than one to two pages). Use the Discuss tool to post your position to the Controlling Healthcare Expenditures topic.
3. By Sunday, review the posts of two of your peers. Write a 150-word response to each peer in which you respectfully and professionally offer your opinion of their posts:
o Pose a clarifying question (e.g., What did you mean by….., Why did you say…., What criteria did you use…., What was your intention…, What is the connection…., What were your assumptions….?).
o Provide an additional insight, an “ah-hah moment”, or a respectful refutation.
o Provide an application or practical example (e.g., I have seen an example of this…., The result of this could be…).
4. Review the Grading Rubric for this assignment.
Submission Instructions
• By Wednesday at 11:59 PM ET, post your initial response on the discussion topic, Controlling Healthcare Expenditures. Go to the Toolbox and click Discuss to display the discussion tool and make a post.
• By Sunday at 11:59 PM ET, reply to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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3.1 Controlling Healthcare Expenditures
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