You are a university professor preparing to bring a group of Liberty University students to a foreign country as part of your comparative criminal justice systems class. Although you could get students to do the work -you decide to give a great example of an analysis of the criminal justice system in a particular country. Prepare an analysis, in the form of a discussion board post and a research paper, of a country’s criminal justice system with the below listed items in mind: The following is an outline of what you should cover in your post and paper: Choose a country to analyze The country shall not be a country we covered in our four writing assignments or in our three PowerPoint Presentations Begin your paper with a brief analysis of the following elements: Country analysis Introduction to the countryPeople and society of the country Economy Transnational issues (if applicable) that may impact law enforcement Relations with the United States What is the basic government structure and its relationship to the criminal justice system What is the “legal family” or basis of law in the country What are the major components of the criminal justice system in the country Please explain the following elements: Briefly explain the law enforcement system of the country Briefly explain the judicial process of the country Briefly explain the corrections process of the country Provide a brief analysis on: The effectiveness of the criminal justice system in the country The human rights perspective of the country Warning: This Discussion Board is not a traditional 350–500 word original and 250 word reply posts. This discussion board is your final project and represent a major research project. 800–1,200 words is 3–5 pages of writing. Please read and review your DB Instructions!

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