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I have written the first paragraph and the outline for this essay. I have four sources that need to be that are located in the intro, outline attachment. I will also attach the format/outline needed for this paper. Each paragraph is a different location and how fashion changed as women’s rights began to shift

Sarah Harrelson
Brynn Anderson
Thesis Proposal
As with every century that occurs there are always monumental events happening; we
pass these stories down to the newer generations hoping they can learn from past mistakes and
keep making the world a better place. The 20th century was one of those centuries that had an
impact on women’s lives. Long and powerful strides were being taken to overcome the
suppression of women and their rights. In the 1900’s many events in history relating to
women’s fashion choices and trends occurred. Every country differentiated depending on what
trends were happening and political controversy that was occurring. Many women chose to defy
what society told them they should be and the result in this was a historic moment being made.
Over centuries fashion has been an outlet for women to express themselves; it has been a
mirror that has allowed us to see the progression or lack thereof.
First paragraph: Will be talking about the transformation of fashion in the U.S. In the
beginning of the 1920’s women in NY began to wear “suffrage colors” and protest for women’s
rights. When women began to gain rights in the 1920’s so did the evolution of fashion. I have
collected so many examples and sources to discuss in this paragraph.
Second Paragraph: This paragraph is about fashion in the Middle east. Politics are
heavily influencing fashion. I will talk about what it means to be a “bad hijab’ and how
modernization happened in the mid to late 1900’s.
Sarah Harrelson
Brynn Anderson
Third paragraph: This paragraph is about fashion in Japan. Kimonos were made more
casual in the 1900’s and for any women of any class to wear. Westernization began to happen
in japan; western dress women reflected power and tried to show men they deserved just as
many rights. I will expand and go into detail on all of these paragraphs!
Asghar, Tehreem. “Good Hijabi, Bad Hijabi: The Politics of Women’s Clothing in Iran.”
Journal of Georgetown University-Qatar Middle Eastern Studies Student Association,
Volume 2015,Issue 1 , March 18, 2015, 1–11.
DuqbArx_1wgW8_1wYCPTj2F.hbkuplive-10-240-9-24 .
Green , Cynthia. “The Surprising History of the Kimono.” JSTOR Daily . ©2020 ITHAKA,
December 8, 2017. https://daily.jstor.org/the-surprising-history-of-the-kimono/.
Komar, Marlen. “How Women Have Used Fashion As A Feminist Tool.” Bustle. Bustle,
November 17, 2016.
inist-toOl-throughout-history .
Molony, B. (2007). Gender, Citizenship, and Dress in Modernizing Japan. In M. Roces &
L. Edwards (Eds), The Politics of Dress in Asia and the Americas. London, UK:
Sussex Academic Press.
Sarah Harrelson
Brynn Anderson
CENTURY” (2000). Textile Society of America Symposium Proceedings. 799.

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