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I prefer to open a food truck offering Chinese dishes in downtown Vancouver. There are many food trucks downtown, including hotdogs, burgers, Korean cuisine, Japanese style hotdog and Indian dishes. However, I have never seen a Chinese food truck. Actually, there are many Chinese Canadians worked or studied in downtown Vancouver, also, some people in other races like Chinese foods. Food truck is very convenient and the price is favorable for workers. Therefore, I would like to open a food truck in downtown Vancouver.
I attached my previous assignment(s) in files, please take a look.


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Writer’s choice (Chinese Food Truck 2)
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In this assignment, you will continue to develop your business idea that will be the core of your Business Blueprint. You will examine the legal and regulatory issues that you will have to contend with in order to start your business and operate it on a day-to-day basis. And you will also determine and discuss your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to running the business. You will work on the following specific areas of your Blueprint document:

  • Your role as an entrepreneur or small-business owner
  • Analyzing a successful business (CSFs, SWOT, and financial analysis)
  • Business ownership formats
  • Canadian business laws and regulations
Part Title %
A Your Role as an Entrepreneur or Small-Business Owner 30
B Analyzing a Business 20
C Business Ownership 35
D Canadian Business Laws and Regulations, Customer Satisfaction 15
Total 100


This segment of your business Blueprint will consist of four sections. Develop each section of your report by answering the questions that are applicable to your specific business idea. The word counts in each part give you a guideline about how detailed your report should be.

Send your completed assignment to your Open Learning Faculty Member when you have finished this module.

If you are unsure about what is required in an assignment, contact your Open Learning Faculty Member.

Part A: Your Role as an Entrepreneur or Small-Business Owner

  1. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses as a potential business owner?
  2. What will you do to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?

(Maximum 750 words)

Part B: Analyzing a Successful Business

  1. Choose and identify a retail business where you shop in-person or online on a regular basis and conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats) analysis from your point of view as a customer. Try to be realistic in your comments and cover both the internal and external aspects of the analysis. See Pages 170–173 re: SWOT Analysis.

(Maximum 1,500 words)

  1. Using the Integrative Model of a Successful Businessdiagram in the textbook on page 5 and both the MIS Integration and CSFs described on pages165–170 in Chapter 7, develop a list of critical success factors your business must have in order to compete in the industry your business is in and continue to be successful year after year.

(Maximum 500 words)

Part C: Business Ownership

  1. Describe the pros and cons of each of the following forms of business ownership in relation to your business idea:
    • Sole proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • Incorporation, including a single owner corporation
    • Specialized forms—co-ops and joint ventures
    • Franchise
    • Mergers and acquisition
  2. Describe the form of business ownership you prefer for your business idea. Explain why you have made this choice.

(Maximum 2,000 words)

Part D: Canadian Business Laws and Regulations, and Customer Satisfaction

See the textbook’s appendix.

  1. Detail the Canadian business laws and regulations that govern your industry and your business. Include both Canadian and provincial laws and regulations. If your business will be covered by municipal bylaws, include those as well. If you are thinking about an Internet business, what special regulations will you have to consider?

(Maximum 1,500 words)

  1. With reference to the CSFs and “Achieving Success” section in the textbook, describe five things you will do to assure customer satisfaction in your business. Be as specific as possible and give examples where applicable

(Maximum 750 words)


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