Which statement regarding the eukaryotic nucleus is false | Homework Help

1. Chris and Kassie are working in a research lab and are hoping to study the movement ofribosomal subunits through the nuclear pore complex. Which microorganism would they most likely choose as their model organism?

a. The lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus lactis.

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Which statement regarding the eukaryotic nucleus is false | Homework Help
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b. The archaeon Thermoproteus tenax.

c. Escherichia colid. The protozoan Giardia lamblia.

2-For many years, scientists saw no evidence for a cytoskeleton in prokaryotic cells.However, in 2001 researchers at Oxford University in the UK described two actin-likeproteins called MreB and Mb1 in the prokaryotic bacterium Bacillus subtilis (Cell, 104:913-922). To which component of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton are structures composed ofMreB and Mb1 thought to be the most similar?

a. Microfilamentsb.



d-Intermediate filamentse.


3-The eukaryotic nucleus was discovered in 1831 by a Scottish botanist named RobertBrown (Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything). It comes from the latinword meaning kernel. Which statement regarding the eukaryotic nucleus is FALSE?

a. Intermediate filaments could be isolated from the nucleus of aeukaryoticcell (particularly an animal cell).

b. The nucleolus is a distinct, but not membrane-bound region within the eucaryoticnucleus. It is the site of rRNA synthesis.

c. Within the eukaryotic nucleus, basic proteins assist in the packaging of DNA.

d. Chromatin in which the DNA is relaxed and the genes are being activelyexpressed is called euchromatin.

e. Like the cytoplasmic membrane, the nuclear membrane is selectively permeableand only allows free passage of low molecular weight molecules such as O2.

4-If a eukaryotic protist had a mutation that lessened the affinity of ribosomes for the surface the rough endoplasmic reticulum what would likely be the harmful effect?

a. These protists would have inefficient ATP production.

b. These protists would be unable to degrade macromolecules engulfed duringendocytosis.

c. These protists would less effectively secrete proteins that work in the extracellularspace.

d. These protists would have decreased lipid synthesis.

5. Stephanie and Jennifer are working with a sample that was taken from a patient with ayeast infection. These young scholars want to isolate the yeast in the sample by selectingagainst all of the bacteria that are also present. What might they aID to the medium inorder to do this?

a. An antibiotic that targets the 70S ribosome.

b. An antibiotic that targets peptidoglycan.

c. Lysozyme.

d. Any of the above.


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