When will the US recover economically from the COVID pandemic


Paper needs to be in MLA Format with a Works Cited and have at least ten pieces of quantifiable data used in the support of its statements. Requires 10 pieces of quantifiable data, any number of sources is okay as long as that is met. No references to “I”, “me”, etc. At the end of 2007, US real GDP was $15.76 trillion. The Financial Crisis of 2008 led to a horrific recession; so horrific that that $15.76 trillion figure was not reached again until early 2011. At the end of last year, 2019, real GDP was $19.25 trillion. In June 30, 2020, that figure had fallen to $17.21 trillion. The report should state the year in which you think that $19.25 trillion figure will once again be reached, with your report’s arguments, logic, and research supporting that position. Thus, the report should present an argument for when it is that you think that the US, economically, will get back to where it was prior to the COVID pandemic. Structure Introductory paragraph that introduces the topic and leads into the second paragraph. Second paragraph that takes the report’s broad topic and narrows it to some degree, with the last sentence of the paragraph presenting the report’s thesis. The bulk of the report, its body, will present and support arguments that defend the thesis. It might be one aspect of the topic looked at in good detail, or several points addressed in a more cursory fashion. Concluding paragraph. Side note for this paper: The conclusion reached in the report is nowhere near as important as the arguments/logic/research presented to support it.

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When will the US recover economically from the COVID pandemic
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