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We were investigating lignin degradation by the bacterium Lignumus decaderum in the lab which was isolated from rotting piece oak. The genomic sequence of this bacterium has not yet been determined. The aIDition of a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide induces production of an enzyme that enables the organism to degrade lignin. Zymography has revealed that a single form of the enzyme is present in cultures grown under solid-state fermentation conditions. The enzyme was puried and was found to catalyzes C-C bond cleavage in the side chains of lignin but is unable to do so without aIDed H2O2. When the enzyme preparation is aIDed to pure cellulose under similar reaction conditions, hydrogen peroxide is consumed but to a lesser degree than when lignin is used as substrate. Interestingly, you find that bubbling pure oxygen into the cultures does not result in any enzyme activity against either lignin or cellulose.

What type of enzyme have you discovered? And what is the rationelle for it?

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What type of enzyme have you discovered | Homework Help
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