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While doing field work in Madagascar, you discovered a newdragonfly species that has either red (R) or clear (r) wings, withgreen (G) or grey (g) eyes. Initial crosses indicate that R isdominant over the r allele, while G is dominant over g allele. Youperform the first cross and all the offsprings have red wings andgreen eyes. Your crossing of the F1 offsprings then producesoffsprings that have the traits indicated in the table below.
DISTINCTTRAITS        Phenotypes
1                                        534 red-winged, Green-eyed
2                                        176 red-winged, grey-eyed
3                                         180clear-winged, Green-eyed
4                                         58clear-winged, Grey-eyed
1) What are the genotypes involved in each of the crosses(parental, F1 and F2 generations)
2) What percentage of the offsprings are exhibiting theparental phenotypes
3) What percentage of progenies shows a green eye phenotype?
4) How many of the progenies show at least one of the recessivephenotype
5) What percentage of the offspring is exhibitng recombinantphenotypes?
it was <0.5 percent recombinance but how
6) If they are on the same chromosome, what is the possible mapdistance between the genes?
43.7centimorgan was the answer but how

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What percentage of progenies shows green eye phenotype | Homework Help
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