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Assignment Description & General Instructions:

The things left behind or thrown away can hold more information about the people doing the discarding then their cities and monuments. While archaeologists of the early 20th century sought the tombs of kings, modern archaeologists place a greater focus on the homes and miIDens of the most common socioeconomic classes. The trash of the common member of the culture is far more instructive than the tombs or houses of the economic elite.

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What is the political or economic system of the culture | Homework Help
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For this assignment I want you to record everything your throw away for one week. If you live in the dorms gather data on your roommate’s garbage as well. If you are part of a household or live off campus record what is thrown away at your residence. It is not necessary to take out your trash and go through it, but if you eyeball it and discuss with other people in your residence what they have discarded you should be able to obtain the needed information. Then tell me, in an essay of at least 300 words, what you think your refuse says about you and possible those that you live with.

The interpretation is the tricky part and I often advise students to imagine the garbage belonging to someone else, perhaps a neighbor. Then ask yourself some questions about the garbage and what it tells you. It might also help to break up the information into three categories. What does the garbage tell you about…

The culture in general.
Your specific domestic unit.
What doesn’t the garbage tell you?

Here a series of more detailed questions to help you:

What does the refuse tell you about the household?

Can you gauge the socioeconomic class of the household?

Can you tell how many individuals were part of the household or if the refuse was even from a single household?

What is the political or economic system of the culture?


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